Gator Block Bond XP


Fastest setting glue in the industry


  • Wear gloves during application of adhesive; once cured, material cannot be removed.
  • Not intended for applications with continuous submersion.
  • If adhesion to a substrate is questionable, a test application must be conducted.
  • To ensure optimal adhesion, make sure that the concrete or stone surfaces are clean and free of any foreign matter.
  • Material may be repositioned for up to 30 minutes without losing bond strength. Moisture will shorten the open time of polyurethane adhesives. Avoid use when raining or onto standing water.
  • GATOR BLOCK BOND XP LOW VOC polyurethane adhesive forms a tenacious bond overnight. Cure time varies with temperature, humidity, and the porosity of the materials joined.
  • Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with mineral solvent or an equivalence. Cured material must be mechanically removed.
  1. Always refer to the latest GATOR BLOCK BOND XP LOW VOC Technical Data Sheet (TDS) at before installing GATOR BLOCK BOND XP LOW VOC.
  2. Make sure that the surfaces you are bonding together are clean.
Cut the spout and puncture a hole in the cartridge with a nail.

Using a caulking gun, apply GATOR BLOCK BOND XP LOW VOC polyurethane adhesive on the clean surfaces.

Join the two surfaces firmly, use twisting motion.
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